Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Designervana!

Welcome to the first blog of Designervana! I am happy to be able to share my design thoughts with other design-happy (or perhaps design-unhappy and therefore, design-seeking) Cyberians. This will be the first of many Tid and Bits to be posted in my inner blogosphere. I hope you enjoy reading what I will be writing.

My first Tid and Bit is about the world of Re-Design. Ever heard of it? Well, neither had I until one day very recently, I discovered that I was doing "re-design" with my clients without realizing that that was what I was doing! What I love about Re-Design (especially in economic times like these) is that this type of design is all about refreshing your interior spaces through: 1) Re-purposing, 2) Re-positioning and 3) Re-moval. I should call it "Re-Times 3" - and maybe I will.

The long and short of Re-Design is to Re-Create a client's interior space by using the current contents. And the transformations are quite simply - amazing! My Re-Design services began rather unconciously when I started rearranging the interior contents at a client site. I just couldn't help myself! It just sort of - happened, and before I knew it - a whole new interior space emerged - and it was absolutely DEVINE! And most importantly, my client was amazed and loved what I had done.

So, there you have it! In the next Tid and Bit, I will provide a few helpful tips on how one can do his/her own Re-Design - though if you don't have a designer's eye - please consider seeking out a Re-Designer near you. More to come!