Monday, May 3, 2010

Cool Surfaces

I'm an "organic", love, LOVE textures that mimic Mother Nature! I just discovered this really cool surface material which can add amazing depth and design drama to any upright could be used as an accent wall or the face of a kitchen island...these panels are architecturally carved and really beautiful...if you're able to see them in person, you won't be able to resist touching the surfaces...

You can incorporate these surfaces into furniture pieces as well...again, very cool!

Some of the patterns are metallic finishes which would go great with a more industrial-type design environment...

Or use it as an artful wall piece! They come in a number of different designs, colors and finishes...have fun!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Designing during the Downturn

I decided that today I would discuss the topic of designing while still maintaining common sense and budgetary prudence during today's economic downturn. While it sounds as though we are bottoming out, many are still leary of pulling out that credit card or wallet too far from those pockets or purses.

I just had a client call me from a remote location well outside the Seattle metropolitan area where my design business is based. She wanted assistance on figuring out the color of two rather large, angled walls in rooms with vaulted ceilings and loads of daylight. She and I both viewed digitized photos of the two rooms, and I was able to provide her with what I will call "Color Consultation Lite" by phone and e-mail.

My recommendations to her included the caveat that the colors that we were each seeing on our computer monitors may not be exactly the same since the resolution quality of computer monitors can vary. However, for her purposes, it worked fine. I was able to provide her with enough design guidance for her to visualize her spaces. And off she went!

Further expansion of this concept with a designer could include sending materials/color samples by snail mail, but again, if time is of the "Essense", this is a VERY economical way for you to get a designer's "eye" without the usual cost of an "in person" and more extended consultation.

So, if you are looking for a "2nd opinion" (which many homeowners desire), and don't need more than that, consider the following: 1) Search the Web for an interior designer whose design portfolio you really resonate with, 2) Try to find smaller design companies who specialize in residential or small commercial projects as they'd be more likely to provide this "virtual" service than larger companies, 3) If they don't offer this service currently, ask them to consider adding it - that's what I did "on the fly" (that's what my client did, and it worked!)

My client plans to send me "after" shots once her walls are painted. I can't wait to see the final results of our "virtual" collaboration. It was fun and easy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redesign - Designing on a budget

How do you take your old tired spaces and create a completely new look with minimal effort and expense? Redesign is a term being used frequently in the world of interior design for clients with smaller budgets with big dreams. Here are some simple ideas that won't cost you a fortune:

1) Rethink your furniture floor plan - Often, just moving your furnishings into a new configuration makes a huge impact on the visual impact of your space. Turn the rug a different direction. Move furniture off of the wall, and into a more intimate, conversational space. Move furniture from one room into another room for a change of pace.

2) Reaccessorize -- Rotate existing home accessories into different spaces including different rooms. Purchase new, yet inexpensive accessories with a trendy color (try a local home consignment store). Paint old, tired accessories with a new, updated color.

3) Paint -- Applying a splash of a new, updated color can do wonders. Try one accent wall. How about a chair? Rethink the color of an old lamp base.

4) Artwork -- Dust off any old, yet well-loved artwork stashed away in your closet, under that guest bed, up in the attic. Can you purchase a new matte and frame to give it a fresh, new look? Consider rotating artwork into different areas of your home. Just doing this will make you reconsider those old color schemes throughout your living/work spaces.

5) Nature -- I love adding earthy elements to any space. Fresh cut flowers from your yard (or a gardener friend). Put some colorful earth-friendly potpourri in a bowl. If chemically-sensitive, how about putting some pine cones in a colorful bowl? Mother Nature has loads of offerings, especially this time of year, so indulge!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Redesigning - So where do I start?

In redesigning your personal space, try starting with the following:

1) Your favorite room,
2) The room you spend the most time in or
3) The room where your company spends the most time.

This will get you the most bang for the time/money invested. Once you have chosen the room you want to redesign, think about the overall ambience or feeling you want to have in this space.

Do you want a feeling of calmness and serenity? Think of clouds, fields of lavender, the smell of new rain. Do you want to feel more energized and excited? Think of a sunburst, citrus smells and colors. Do you want to feel warmth and comfort? Think bird's nest, earthy smells and colors.

Thinking about these images in your mind will help you begin to visualize your new space in terms of the colors, smells, textures, etc. you want. It requires a tapping into your intuitive senses, thus creating a shift and rebalance of the energy within your space and providing you with an overall "look and feel" that you are desiring.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Designervana!

Welcome to the first blog of Designervana! I am happy to be able to share my design thoughts with other design-happy (or perhaps design-unhappy and therefore, design-seeking) Cyberians. This will be the first of many Tid and Bits to be posted in my inner blogosphere. I hope you enjoy reading what I will be writing.

My first Tid and Bit is about the world of Re-Design. Ever heard of it? Well, neither had I until one day very recently, I discovered that I was doing "re-design" with my clients without realizing that that was what I was doing! What I love about Re-Design (especially in economic times like these) is that this type of design is all about refreshing your interior spaces through: 1) Re-purposing, 2) Re-positioning and 3) Re-moval. I should call it "Re-Times 3" - and maybe I will.

The long and short of Re-Design is to Re-Create a client's interior space by using the current contents. And the transformations are quite simply - amazing! My Re-Design services began rather unconciously when I started rearranging the interior contents at a client site. I just couldn't help myself! It just sort of - happened, and before I knew it - a whole new interior space emerged - and it was absolutely DEVINE! And most importantly, my client was amazed and loved what I had done.

So, there you have it! In the next Tid and Bit, I will provide a few helpful tips on how one can do his/her own Re-Design - though if you don't have a designer's eye - please consider seeking out a Re-Designer near you. More to come!